Faux Finishes
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Architectural Finishes Art Panels
Bathroom    Bedroom
Cabinets and Furniture Ceilings   
Entry Ways Fireplaces    
Frescos Great Rooms
Kitchen Stove Surround Manda Mudd
Modello Designs Stairs
Stairway Textured Finishes


Inlaid Gold    Hand painting    Metallic Polishing Plaster With Embedded Stencil   
RS Plaster    Oro Antico Plaster    Master Bath Plaster    Top of Page

Modello Designs

Inlaid Gold    Modello Stripes    SkimStone   
Modello Medallion    Modello Medallion on Kitchen Dome    Modello Medallion on Master Bedroom Dome    Top of Page


American Clay Plaster    Venetian Plaster    Custom Plaster   
Contemporary Bedroom    Top of Page

Cabinets and Furniture

Cabinets    Cabinets    Coffee Table    Top of Page

Kitchen Stove Surround

Kitchen Stove Surround    Stove Hood    Stove Hood    Top of Page

Manda Mudd

Manda Mudd    Manda Mudd    Manda Mudd    Top of Page

Textured Finishes

Vintage Stone Plaster    Pompeiin Plaster    Lusterstone    Top of Page

Great Rooms

Color Wash    Faux Concrete    Top of Page


Metalic Copper Plaster Fireplace    Old World Fresco Fireplace    Old World Tuscany Fireplace   
Limestone Fireplace    Old Villa Texture    Spanish colonial fireplace    Top of Page


Old World Map    Modello Ceiling    Decorated groin vault   
Perfetto Ceiling    Modello masking pattern on soffit    Modello masking pattern on plastered ceiling    Top of Page


Faux Marquetry    Top of Page


Tortoise Shell    Sydney Harbor Interno Lime Wash    Top of Page

Entry Ways

Colorwash    Luster Stone    Top of Page

Art Panels

Art Panel    Top of Page


Secco Frescos    Secco Frescos    Fresco    Top of Page

Architectural Finishes

Secco Frescos    Limestone Columns    Top of Page