November 2014

Furniture Makeovers

I've been painting a lot of furnture this past year and it is has been very fun and rewarding to see the transformations come to life. One of the fun things about being a decorative painter is making new things look old or old things look new or different. It is absolutely magical! Another fun thing about doing furniture is that I can bring home the pieces and work from home. Having no commute and working in my pj's is also very magical! Working with interior designers such as Kim Smart of Smart Interiors is magical as well. She ordered up two coffee tables, a desk and two lamps. We painted faux bois legs, stone and tortoise shell table tops, custom metal colors and viola! They are delivered right to her client's door. Magical!

Another fun project was painting the legs of these chairs to compliment the table finish.  When the client purchased them they were dark wood tones.  I was able to make them look like weathered wood and they set the table off nicely!

Mike and I feel very blessed and wanted to show you our little family.  

From the top left:  Will and Sally Young, Ben and Jayena Young and Will and Sally's daughter, Chloe on Uncle Ben's lap.  AND We have a new granddaughter arriving in January!  

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