March 2014

Cabinets and doors oh my...

We just recently completed work in a fun kitchen in a gorgeous hacienda home where our client asked us to do punched tin designs of whimsical animals. Using tin plate blanks we were able to get a stainless steel look. We punched holes with an awl and a hammer instead of the usual stencils and paint. We did a brushed technique on the fronts of the tin blanks with a scruffy sponge for texture and used metallic paints with a strie finish for the backs. Each cabinet door or drawer got a different animal design. A T-shirt of whimsical animals saved from a long ago vacation was our inspiration. We surfed the world wide web for animals that might be local to our area and decorated them with patterns of whimsy so that they had a common theme. I fell in love with all of the characters in our storyline and it was a fun project to complete.

Another fun project that I want to share with you is my concrete counter top (below) using Skimstone Portland Cement and Modello masking patterns.  I went over the existing tile,  filling in the grout lines with a mix of sand and cement.  We did the color coats in oyster and the masking pattern in blues.  It has an epoxy sealer which is a very durable finish.

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