August 2014

Metallic Polishing Plaster

There is something so special about glass tiles and shiny metallic plaster that is hard to to put into words.  Kind of like ice cream.  It just makes your heart sing and skip a beat...  Especially if the colors are cool, aqua and have names like Moroccan jewel.  What can I say?  Teal.  It soothes the soul like an ocean breeze on a warm summer night.  It makes you feel giddy like when you stick your toes deep into the sand and foamy water laps around your ankles.  This is what this gorgeous bathroom designed by my friend, Claudia Downes of Lolly Interiors says to me.  What does your bathroom say to you?  Call Claudia?  619 246-8605

Ceilings can be altogether forgotten but not if you have great taste and like to accessorize.  One of my very talented clients really knows how to dress up her ceilings.  Mike and I were blessed to be able to do three different ceilings for her and her husband.  Don't they look lovely?

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