February  2013

  Spanish Colonial Staircase

In the early 1920's Santa Barbara and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture came into vogue in southern California after the 1915 Panama - California Exposition held in Balboa Park in San Diego.  My friend, Vicki, and I  had the pleasure of working in this Spanish Colonial home recently. The staircase risers were decorated using modello masking patterns and stains to look like inlaid wood or what we like to call "Faux Marquetry."




As you may already know,  I am very fond of the modello masking patterns made by my friend, Melanie Royals of Modello Designs.  Artisans all over the world use her patterns and we are lucky to have her based in the San Diego area. Her modellos are very versatile with many gorgeous patterns available in her extensive stencil library.  We can  have custom patterns made to fit any architectural style on most surfaces.  The one time usage patterns are fabulous to work with.  As a decorative painter, I can add a large assortment of things like stain, paint, plaster, gold leaf, concrete, and glass bead gel to the patterns.  This allows me to create a large variety of custom looks for my client's lovely homes.  


If you would like to have a custom modello masking pattern or other types of decorative painting, please give me a call.



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