July 2012

Do you Love your fireplace?

Our wonderful most recent client's home burnt in the last San Diego/RB  firestorm.  They successfully rebuilt a lovely home.  They chose this cement fireplace and only discovered after installation that the mantle  was not the same color as the rest of the concrete.  Hence they hired us to do our magic to make this nicely structured  fireplace a focal point.  We love to help out when ever we can...




I love being Green!




My husband, Mike,  built us six raised bed gardens and an additional area for large sprawling edibles that won't fit as neatly in the raised bed gardens.   Every evening we go out and gather our dinner.  We also make a delicious juice with kale, lemon, apples, celery, cucumber and ginger.  It is fun and we feel like big kids with a giant science experiment!

Chandelier Gone Wild


I couldn't find a chandelier that I liked for my entry way.  Most all  of the ones that I loved were not in my price range.  I really enjoy  the barter system and traded a chandelier for work.   My next dilemma was what color to paint it?  I looked at lots of  finishes at all the right places but nothing jumped out at me.  I finally got motivated when my previous  chandelier's last light bulb was waning...

The good thing about painting is that you can paint one color then decide if you like it or NOT.  I painted this chandelier three different colors before I stepped out of my comfort zone  and went wild with color!

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