July  2011


Ceilings and Soffits are known as the 5th Wall and are an elegant way to finish off your living spaces.

Interior designers and decorative painters alike are paying attention to the 5th wall of homes and offices.  This design trend of 2011 is a great way to finish off a living space and to be rid of that white ceiling that we all hate to see.  Paint, plaster, moldings, and stenciling can all be incorporated to give you the feel, warmth, and character that completes your decor.


Makeover for your furniture.  Recycling at it's finest!

I was asked to paint and glaze this lime washed oak dining room china hutch to match a client's new dining room table and chairs.  She and I were extremely pleased with how it turned out to be a perfect match and how it dressed up her furniture.  Out with the old and in with the new has a whole new concept now that we can transform your furniture too! 


Love at First Sight!

My son, Will, and daughter in law, Sally,  have given me the most precious gift of all!  
I am in love with my new granddaughter, Chloe Rin Young born May 13, 2011.


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