April 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers are popular in this economy

Hello,   I'm trying to find new ways to promote my business and learning how to market  thru newsletters is a sign of the times... So are kitchen cabinet makeovers!  A lot of decorative painters are doing cabinets these days and I wanted to let you know that I have jumped on the bandwagon as well.  It is a fun, creative way to make the old look new or the new look old and it is very rewarding too!  Check out this link to the San Diego Union Tribune to see before and after shots of these cabinets that we did.


Decorative treatments are like jewelry for your home!



Stove hoods are a simple way to customize a kitchen.  You can add subtle color to make your stained cabinets pop  using metallic paint  or plaster or try rustic earth tones to sooth your senses.   Use your imagination!

Fresco Finishes




Most of you have probably heard me talk about Modellos masking patterns by now.  They are fantastic one time usage stencils that can be made into custom designs  or you can pick from their extensive stencil library.  This past year I perfected this fresco technique where I put a transparent plaster into the stencil then color then more plaster then antiquing glaze to get some cool fresco looks.  They look fabulous on arches, niches, soffits, cabinet doors and drawers, etc.

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